What we do: Laiba Memorial Welfare Organization provides vulnerable communities with access to portable drinking water . Our goal is to build various water systems by means of hand pumps and deep water wells with storage tanks that provide drinking water for everyday use for the community in need. These water systems can also be installed as part of Sadaqa Jariyah. We hope that each donation, will not only benefit your loved ones but will also supply water to communities in water-scarce areas of Pakistan.

What we give: We customize each water hand pump with a nameplate of choice. For each deep water well tank, the donor has the ability to customize both the nameplate and art design. Our goal is to make the experience of building water systems easy and enjoyable. Upon completion of each installation, the donor will receive pictures, and videos of the location, boring, flooring, and completion.

What it costs: A water hand pump will cost $250. A deep water well with A storage tank will cost $1300 (cost can vary due to many factors including whether additional drilling has to be done, more resources are needed, or solar panels, a bigger motor system, a lot more labor and hardware to be included, etc.


*Cost may vary depending on additional resources needed in the area. 


Where we build: Sindh, Punjab, KPK. (Pakistan)

Laiba Memorial Welfare Organization (LMWO) is working with our community and global partners to help increase water access to hard-to-reach communities in Pakistan. This includes rural communities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Sindh-Karachi.

In recent years, millions of people in Pakistan have been afflicted by climate change. With an increase in severe flooding, famine, and drought, many individuals within communities find themselves displaced with little to no resources. They are in urgent need of humanitarian aid– this includes aid around access to safe drinking water.

At Laiba Memorial Welfare Organization (LMWO), with the help of donations from our partners, we will continue to bring drinking water to Pakistan, while also restoring water systems that may have been impacted by the recent climate disasters.

For those that may have recently lost a loved one or would like to give charity on behalf of a person who is sick, we provide an option for donors to engrave their name on a plaque or keep it anonymous. Donating on behalf of a loved one makes for an incredible gift, and we at LMWO, make the process easy and keep communication transparent (sharing pictures/ videos of each process until completion).