Najam Ahmed

                                                                       Project Manager (KPK & Punjab) Pakistan

My name is Najam Ahmed, and I proudly identify as a Pakistani national. Presently, I hold the esteemed role of Project Manager overseeing the regions of KPK and Punjab. My academic background is anchored in the field of MBA Finance, equipping me with a strong foundation for the responsibilities I undertake.

My unwavering aspiration has always been to extend a helping hand to those truly deserving. The undeniable reality of resource poverty across Pakistan is a stark reminder of the challenges many face daily. In an attempt to truly understand their struggles, I immerse myself in their circumstances, even though the depths of their hardships may be beyond imagination. It is with this empathetic perspective that I actively engage with Welfare initiatives, harnessing the means at my disposal to make a tangible difference. Notably, the Laiba Memorial Welfare Organization stands as a beacon of hope, its impact reverberating through countless lives. To me, being able to play a part in advancing its mission is an honor of the highest order.

Should you share in the desire to partake in our efforts to raise funds, contributing to our ongoing projects and aiding our mission, I invite you to connect with us through our website. Your support could be the catalyst that transforms lives and shapes a brighter future for those in need.