Our journey started in 2019, when we found ourselves in a position to advocate for and support one underserved community, then another, and we have not looked back since. It began with a phone call about a man based in Ghotki Village who was in need and struggling to make ends meet. That one phone call initiated a chain of events that led our team to jump into action to try and help him get back on his feet. We started by finding a way to help him make a living by providing the tools he needed to start a food cart for himself. His business and success breathed new life into the community and village around him - very clearly illustrating that one person and one small act of goodness can change lives.

This one man was the spark that ignited the Laiba Memorial Welfare Foundation fire existence. Since then, our team has found itself continuing down the path of supporting and elevating underserved communities through clean water, housing, education and so much more.

The Laiba Memorial Welfare Organization is a non-profit and non-government organization established on April 5th, 2021. Since then we have built 46 wells and installed 343 hand pumps, and 18 houses, and our first school is under construction. We now also operate through the U.S. chapter and are asking for donations in order to help the underprivileged in Pakistan. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent and keeping our donors updated through videos and pictures that can be found under the image gallery. Almost 100% of donations will go to your cause of choice.


·         Clean water is a basic human necessity that is not accessible to every population. Through sustainable programs and initiatives, our organization strives to assist low-income and displaced families in Pakistan and the United States. With our programs we hope to bring greater access to resources, education, healthcare, and clean water. Our mission is to serve humanity by providing food, education, housing, and clean water to low-income families.

·         Since April 5th of 2021, Laiba Memorial Welfare Organization (LMWO) has been working in provinces most affected by floods, water shortages, and landslides. These geographical regions include Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh.

·         To continue to give back to these communities, we need your help and support. Every contribution is appreciated no matter how big or small. 100% of your donation will go towards the program of your choice.


100 % of your donation will go towards charity.  All the incumbents working on projects are VOLUNTEERS.  Our mission is to keep working continuously in order to bring some change into the lives of low-income families; also encourage them to become part of the network by providing whatever help they can provide in bringing some good in their own lives and those around them.
We at LMWO are incredibly thankful to our DONORS and VOLUNTEERS that make these projects happen, every day.

Upon completion of each project, the donor will receive photos and videos of the whole process.