As a result of severe floodings in Pakistan, millions of people have been displaced without food and shelter. Many are fighting daily with malnutrition and to stay warm in the record low temperatures. Laiba Memorial Welfare Organization (LMWO) is responding to the urgent humanitarian crisis by helping rebuild Pakistan one home at a time. Our main objective is to help construct homes for families (including orphans and widows) that are in dire need of shelter.

What we do: Laiba Memorial Welfare Organization is working to provide low-income individuals and families  (mostly widows and orphans) with affordable housing. With the help of your donations, we hope to combat the housing and economic problem in Pakistan by re-building or constructing new homes for those in need. Each project varies by need and is based on two factors: urgency of housing needed for those that don’t have any or housing needed as means for necessary income to help support low-income families of widows or orphans.

What we give: Upon completion of each construction, the donor will receive pictures ,videos step by step  of notarized contract ,location,flooring, and completion.

What it costs:  A house with one room will cost $1300 (without bathroom) and $1600 (with bathroom)varies according to location and economic inflation.

*Cost may vary depending on additional resources needed in an area.

Where we  build: Sindh, Punjab, KPK.