Noshien Ahmed Waseem

Advisor And Coordinator
Saudi Arabia

Noshien Ahmed Waseem is a prominent Saudi national with Pakistani roots and ancestral ties to India. Her exceptional contributions in the realm of social work have garnered widespread recognition, particularly for her unwavering dedication to uplift and empower various communities residing in Saudi Arabia.

Drawing from her diverse educational background, which encompasses fields such as international business and event management, Noshien Ahmed Waseem has cultivated a unique and expansive skill set. This extensive knowledge base has endowed her with a remarkable vantage point from which to engage in meaningful and impactful service.

Noshien's commitment to fostering positive change within Saudi Arabian communities is underscored by her proficiency in event management. Her adeptness in orchestrating and executing successful events has proven instrumental in facilitating platforms for dialogue, collaboration, and empowerment among various social groups. This proficiency not only showcases her organizational prowess but also highlights her genuine concern for the well-being and growth of those around her.

Beyond her impressive professional credentials, Noshien's personal dedication to social work shines through in her tireless efforts to address pertinent issues and bridge gaps within the Saudi society. Through her endeavors, she has not only demonstrated her ability to understand and navigate the complexities of diverse communities but has also exemplified her commitment to promoting inclusivity and positive change.

In summary, Noshien Ahmed Waseem's remarkable journey, characterized by her multicultural heritage, academic accomplishments, and professional expertise in event management, has uniquely positioned her as a dynamic force for good within Saudi Arabia. Her relentless pursuit of societal advancement, coupled with her innate empathy and understanding, continues to inspire and uplift communities, fostering a brighter and more harmonious future for all.