Soha Siddiqui

President Youth Wing California, USA

I am Soha Siddiqui, the dedicated founder and leader of the Youth Wing Chapter of The Laiba Memorial Welfare Organization. Currently enrolled at West Ranch High School, I embody a profound commitment to assisting those in need. My journey commenced with a partnership alongside UNICEF, aiming to extend relief to Ukrainian refugees during their times of distress.

As an enthusiastic member of speech and debate, I stumbled upon the critical subject of climate change. This discovery ignited an insatiable curiosity within me, propelling me to delve into extensive research on this pivotal issue. Through this exploration, my attention shifted to the devastating floods ravaging communities in Pakistan. These regions were already grappling with immense challenges, and the floods only exacerbated their plight, often unnoticed by the larger world.

My aspiration is to catalyze a positive change. My mission entails not just raising awareness but also mobilizing essential donations. By shedding light on the pressing issues surrounding climate change and the dire conditions faced by impoverished communities in Pakistan, I aim to initiate a wave of compassion and support.

Your involvement is pivotal in this journey. If you share in our vision and would like to play a more substantial role in our organization, consider spearheading fundraisers within your own city. Let's work together to create a meaningful impact.

For further collaboration and inquiries about contributing to this cause, please reach out to me at Together, we can make a difference that resonates far beyond borders.